Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Go Cats

Every year the Cats/Griz game is a big deal to Montanans, and this year the MSU Bobcats pulled out a 21-16 victory. This is a pretty big deal, since the last MSU victories came in 2005, 2003, and 2002. Prior to that, MSU hasn’t gotten a victory since 1985. That means that U of M [...]

Bring On The Healthcare

For the last couple months, I’ve been listening to right-wing blowhards spout off about what a bad idea socialized healthcare would be. I guess they love the idea of forking over money they’ll never see again to crooked insurance companies and paying for medicine that has been marked up 1000 times over. Most of these [...]

A Little Beef with Seattle (or Cities)

Comedy has brought me to Seattle. It’s a great city and I love to visit, but there are some things that get under my skin — no, it isn’t the weather.
There is none. There is absolutely no space in Seattle or any city I’ve been to, which is a gigantic pain in the ass. [...]

Seat Belt Laws

Call me crazy, but I think seat belt laws are ludicrous. Luckily, I live in Montana where the laws are as relaxed as can be. Montana has secondary seat belt laws, meaning a cop can’t pull you over for not wearing your seat belt — but if he catches you for some other automotive [...]

Bozeman Explodes (And I’m Fine With That)

Last week, two bars exploded in Bozeman, MT. The only tragedy is that one person lost their life. Were it not for that, I’d say that the explosion was the best news I’ve heard in a long while. This probably sounds callous to most people, especially if you’re not from Montana. However, if you’ve spent [...]


Today is the kind of day that makes me wonder if I will ever become a champion in the world of stand-up comedy. It’s a matter of motivation. I feel like I’m going to make it, because I’m putting pen to paper with no feelings of motivation whatsoever. I believe the true champions of any [...]

Little Superstar

Odd, but really fun to watch.
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Shoot-up, A-Rod

I’ve got your back, Alex Rodriguez. You, and any other athlete (or American, for that matter), feel free to shoot up as much as you want. I don’t care. And — I don’t think there should be an asterisk by any of the records. Do all the steroids you want.
Steroids have become the scapegoat drug [...]

Michael Phelps: Olympic Water > Bong Water > Hot Water

Once again, it’s time for parents and zealous goodniks to have the passionate conversation: Are there no more heroes in the world?! I guess he’s a hero, so much as one can be when your occupation is swimming. Personally, I find Aquaman to be a more suitable underwater hero. However, for a brief moment, Phelps [...]

Jozin z Bazin

This video is completely bananas. I’m not sure what the song is about, but it’s hilarious. Well worth watching all the way through.
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