Bio & Headshot

Many comics like to tell you they are zany, have a fresh point-of-view, a unique outlook on life, and stories that will make you laugh until you cry. Oh, they will promise to have you holding your sides and rolling in the aisles. This isn’t to say that Chad doesn’t offer those qualities in his stand-up comedy, but he’ll never tell you that because it’s phony and pretentious. Like any art, some of you will love his comedy, while others would rather hear about airplane food, henpecking spouses, and/or explosive fart anecdotes.

Chad has spent most all his life in Montana, which means anywhere he performs, he’s just happy to see people. One would not suspect him to come from rural America, as he hates guns, opposes racism (and finds it to be simply a weird belief structure), and he thinks drugs should be legal, yet somehow he seems to find humor in tragedy.

Chad also grew up in a heavy-handed Catholic household, but declines to comment on those experiences.

For Mr. Korb, it seems as if he delights in attacking societal norms. He likes to take things people hold as conventional wisdom, and turn it on its ear. No subject is taboo, as he feels that anything is fair game for humor.

Chad is relatively young in the game, but he is hungry to perform and entertain. He performs across the country at clubs and colleges with a high-energy act. As a teenager, he stole jokes from every comic on television. Now, he writes his own material. Actually, he writes a lot. In addition to performing stand-up comedy, he is the editor-in-chief of Piece Magazine, which some have said looks like what would happen if Jon Stewart was running Maxim. If you are looking for fat comics with camouflage hats and sleeveless flannels, you’ll be better off going home, turning on the TV and eating macaroni.