Saturday, August 19, 2017

Britney Spears


My idol is Britney Spears, currently she’s back on the right track with a new life and house which includes a theater and much needed wine cellar. OMG who would have known? My goal in life is to be exactly like her, children and all. The problem is that I’m single. I’m currently a SWF [...]


Are Jewish girls allowed to go down on Kevin Bacon?
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If you’re walking around naked, but you’re SUPER hot, could you be arrested for decent exposure?
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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Dear Chad,
I recently found out that I came into a ton of money from an inheritance and need some advice. How would you best spend or invest money that you couldn’t possibly spend fast enough to run out of? And, with all this new money, I’m afraid everyone will now ‘love’ me. How will I [...]

Bruce Springsteen is Why America Sucks/Rocks

Bruce Springsteen. You’ve really got to admire the guy. He put on one hell of a performance at the Super Bowl. It was charming right from the start. Springsteen was standing back-to-back with Clarence Clemmons, backlit behind a curtain. The curtain rises and it looks like Bruce is about to rock out on his guitar, [...]

How I Want To Die

Death. It’s a big, ugly thing we all have to go through at some point. There are several ways to die, and people tend to summarize the departed’s demise with some sense of nobility. Some people die by serving honorably in defense of our freedom. Others lose a battle to cancer. People that die of [...]

Show Midgets Some Love

The past presidential election constantly reminded us of race and gender. They told us that those things aren’t a factor, but we all know they are. “Hillary could be the first woman president!” “Obama could be the first black president!” Unless you’re the first human to do something, you can only get accolades if you’re [...]

You Can’t Kill Children

I’m watching Aliens the other day for the first time ever. Its a good movie. Paul Reiser was excellent. If you’ve never seen it, Sigourney Weaver takes a crew of badasses to a planet we’ve inhabited in search of the alien species. They discover everybody is dead – except for one survivor – a little [...]

Bruce Leroy

I can’t stop laughing when he tries to keep on going after he eats shit.
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Give Me A Holler

Welcome to the “Ask Chad” portion of this website. This page is here so we can interact with one another. I’m a bit of a know-it-all, so if you have any questions at all, I have an answer for you. To Hell with Dr. Phil - I’ll give you the good shit. These questions can [...]