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Jay Cutler is a Dick

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Jay Cutler does steroids.

Jay Cutler does steroids.

For those of you who don’t know, Jay Cutler is a 5′9, 310 lbs, mountain of muscle – and a complete dick. I’m not upset that he’s a two time Mr. Olympia champion, along with his many other bodybuilding accolades – but I’m upset with the fact that he is a liar, and a total whore for money.

Granted, he worked very hard to attain his physique. You can visit his website to take a peek at his diet and training regimen ( This man certainly trains hard and eats a lot (I’d hate to be around when he cuts a fart, which I’m guessing happens a lot since he eats over 34 egg whites and 26 oz. of chicken daily - among other things).

Here’s what pisses me off. I’ve spent the last few months getting myself in shape. I’ve completely overhauled my diet to foods lower in fat and higher in protein. I’m also now spending five days a week in the weight room in an effort to be less of a fathead. In addition, I’ve been reading a handful of these bodybuilding magazines to figure out new exercises along with what supplements I should be taking. These magazines are pretty much all advertisements, which is where one gets to see Mr. Cutler ad nauseum. He’s plastered all over in every single one of these fucking publications tooting his horn about how he used certain supplements (i.e. the products his sponsors pay him to endorse) to develop his physique.

Here are a few of his bullshit quotes from various magazines:

“IntraVol has dramatically changed the way I train and build muscle. In 2009, the world will witness a totally new Jay Cutler.”

“MyoShock will help me win back the Mr. Olympia title in 2009.”

“I keep using MuscleTech supplements because they keep giving me the results I want.”

“With Anabolic Halo, my muscles are filling out. They’re harder, rounder and just massive! I’ll never get off it.”



The only thing you’ll never get off is steroids. People read the bullshit he pumps out and think they can replicate his gains by eating a gozillion eggs and taking the same supplements. Granted, Jay Cutler isn’t the only money whore out there. This is how professional bodybuilders make a living. I get it. But why can’t we have an open and honest conversation about what’s really making these guys big? I don’t care what you say, there is no fucking way a human person can develop 22-1/2″ arms unless you’re into some shaky shit. Just tell us what you’re putting in your body - for real. No lies. Guys in the gym are going to dabble with roids anyway, so why not educate people on how to do it as safely as possible with the fewest amount of side effects?

I will say one other thing before I end this little tirade. I love Ronnie Coleman. He’s another massive bastard with several titles to his credit. He isn’t in very many ads, which is commendable. The thing that’s great about Ronnie, is he is completely Looney Tunes. Listening to him is almost the same level of surprise as hearing Mike Tyson for the first time. Here’s an interesting video link with him acting completely bananas: