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Bring On The Healthcare

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

For the last couple months, I’ve been listening to right-wing blowhards spout off about what a bad idea socialized healthcare would be. I guess they love the idea of forking over money they’ll never see again to crooked insurance companies and paying for medicine that has been marked up 1000 times over. Most of these guys (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly) are of the age where they get their prostates checked — I guess they enjoy bending over and taking one in the turd cutter.

For the rest of us, healthcare is a critical part of our lives. Nobody is immune to sickness — we all need care at one point or another. There is so much government waste we could cut to pay for healthcare many times over. One biggie is the federal income tax — look it up — it’s not a legal tax. NOBODY knows where that money goes because you can’t audit the fed (which is a private organization), and there is no law saying we need to pay it.

All I want is consistency. We pay for plenty of things that we deem to be vital for our lifestyle — why can’t we pay to help people with their cancer, strokes, heart attacks, etc.? That seems pretty damned important.

“But Chad, privatization makes hospitals better because you can choose your doctor, get better doctors, get immediate help, I’d rather pay an insurance company than the government, blah, blah, socialism, blah, blah, Canada bad, blah, blah.” Very well — if that’s what you believe, then I’m more than happy to join you on that premise — but be consistent. If you want to keep healthcare privatized, then let’s privatize all the other needs as well. If capitalism promotes efficiency, creates competitive pricing and makes the “best man for the job,” forces less government and lowers our taxes, I propose we privatize these other “necessaries” that we’ve been paying for:

I don’t have kids, and I don’t plan on it, so why should I fork over my hard-earned money to educate your little runts. How about you pay for it. That, or homeschool them. Our test scores are low when we compare to other countries, because we educate everybody – even the dumb kids. Sorry to say it, some people are just dumb so stop blaming the teachers all the time. Plus, according to theories of privatization, we would produce a better quality of teacher. “But Chad, not everybody can afford an education.” Sorry. The world needs ditch diggers too.

I’ve never had a fire in my life. I’ve never called them. The majority of times I’ve seen a firetruck is on a call people have made to say, “I can’t breathe. Please bring me an ambulance.” Firemen don’t need to be there for that, do they? If your shit burns up, you pay for it. Let your awesome insurance pay for the firefighters that come to put out the fire that probably won’t happen in your life.

This one I’d actually like to see get privatized. No cops. There would be no arrests for non-violent crimes like prostitution and drugs. Go ahead and smoke pot on your front porch for all I care. We’d save further tax money because these non-violent offenders wouldn’t be behind bars in the prisons we’re paying for. Besides, pimps and drug distributors rely on capitalism and create jobs — they don’t force their wares on anybody but people willing to pay the price. There wouldn’t be any traffic tickets for speeding or failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or any other bullshit reason that a cop pulls you over.

“But Chad, policemen keep our streets safe. What would we do about violent crimes?” Be prepared to put on your happy-face, right-winged cowboys. You can fully embrace the second amendment. You have no need to conceal your gun. Stuff it down your pants and take it to church with you if you want. There won’t be a cop to tell you no. If you see a wrong-doing, you get to shoot that little punk dead. You did your good deed, our prisons will be empty, and our streets will be safer. If you really need a cop for some reason, go to the yellow pages and call the privatized police force — of your choosing. If you need it, YOU can pay for it.

Maybe we don’t need to be the world’s police for five seconds. Probably 9 out of 10 military conflicts have no purpose that affect our lives. I couldn’t tell you why we’ve sent our troops to Bosnia or Kosovo, but it most likely had a political agenda behind it — it wasn’t for our freedom. “We need the military more than ever, Chad. Don’t you remember 9/11?” Yes, I do. It was a massive tragedy. Allow me to make an analogy: Have you ever heard of anybody picking a fight with Mr. Rogers? No. You haven’t. He’s a peaceful man, and he’s not a dick to anybody. People aren’t attacking the USA because we’re “the best” and we have freedom. We put our noses in places they don’t belong which makes us unpopular to certain fanatics in random parts of the world. I doubt the Netherlands care too much if North Korea has nuclear weapons – but we do. Why is that? Long story short, bullets and bombs cost a lot of money. I’d prefer if that money kept your grandmother alive. Call me a bleeding heart liberal.

Hopefully you have a sense of sarcasm, or else this little rant will have you in a pissy mood. “WHAT?! CHAD WANTS TO GET RID OF THE POLICE AND OUR MILITARY?!!!” All I’m saying, is that we need things, and we have to pay for them. The current system is awful, and I’m just foolish enough to think that our government can put together a better plan.