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I Have A Problem With Prostitution

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

I hate prostitution, but probably not for the reason most people hate it. I’m not saying we should do away with it — I’m simply saying it isn’t for me.

First off, I think prostitution should be legal. I understand why murder, drunk driving, and theft are illegal, but when it comes to prostitution I can’t find where anybody is a victim. Look at Elliot Spitzer. He paid a lot of money to get a smokin’ hot lady to have sex with him. She did it willingly. He willingly paid the money to let some out-of-his-league woman bust his nut. Who’s getting hurt here? Everybody knows what they’re getting into. The whore got a hearty amount of rent money, and the ex-Governor released a little tension by cumming in her face. Sounds like a win-win.

Personally, however, I can’t stand the idea of paying for sex. It’s as if the prostitute thinks you’re so repulsive, the only way she’ll jump on top of your miserable body is if you give her hundreds of dollars. Maybe if you look like Don Knots and haven’t known a woman’s touch for over 40 years it might sound like a good idea. Even then, if you’re that lonely and sexually repressed, you’ll probably reach climax within two minutes, and you’ll be kicking yourself in the morning for wasting that much money.

My biggest problem is: why does MY fucking orgasm have a price tag? That’s bullshit. What if she’s a multi-orgasmic woman? Say she gets three or four orgasms before you finally shoot your man-ranch, then you hold each other trying to catch your breath. Smiling. You both had fun – then she asks you for $300. How on Earth could she do that with a straight face? That’s like going to a garage to have some guy rotate your tires, and having that guy tell you, “Hey, while I fix your tires, do you think you could go over there to my car and fix my alternator for me? Yeah. That one. Thanks a million. By the way, that’ll be $300.” You’d probably tell him to fuck off. If I get off, and YOU get off, I’d say we’re even. If I ever visited a prostitute, I’d be awful — out of spite (not out of natural ability). If I’m paying to blow my load, I’m going to make certain she’s not enjoying herself one bit. Not if I’m paying for it anyways.

Spitzer swallows?

Spitzer swallows?